Slackrr are easily one of the most talked about bands in the UK underground circuit right now.

Hailing from  Southampton, the band have only been active for just 2 Years and in that time they have taken some giant  leaps forward in becoming a well-known and widely loved name across the UK underground punk and rock scene.

In this short space of time, Slackrr have been touring and played countless shows across the UK with  positive feedback coming out of their ears. This lead to them being asked to play the legendary Isle of  Wight festival in 2019 as headliners on the Platform One stage on the Friday night. Their self-released  official studio debut album ‘Time, It Wait For No One,’ was also released on the 14th June 2019. 

In July of 2019, their latest single  ‘Nerve’ reached No.1 in the Radio Indie Alliance charts, and remained in the UK Top 10 and Global Top 50  for over two weeks.