ShyneFest is named after Shyne Adcock and came into being the year before Shyne’s 40th birthday in 2015.

Shyne and husband Kevin were wondering what they could do to celebrate, be it hiring a hall with a band, or finding a venue with music and camping so people could stay over – with no worries about designated drivers or taxis. Shyne had no idea that her birthday celebration would end up being a weekend-long music festival on her friends farm! Kevin invited his friend Ciaron to help organise the bands, stages and sound. Having played in bands for many years, Ciaron jumped at the chance. So, the ShyneFest team was formed and the preparations began.

Shyne began contacting campsites but with little success. However, a chance conversation at the school gate with fellow mum Aneke, led to Aneke and husband Dan offering the use of their farm. The first ShyneFest was born in West End, Surrey on Shyne’s birthday in June 2015. There were 18 bands and performers, food stalls, bouncy castles, camping and – most importantly – an ice cream van. Over 250 people attended across the weekend and the consensus being “that was amazing!”

ShyneFest 1
ShyneFest 1

Unfortunately, Aneke and Dan moved shortly afterwards, so the team needed to find a new venue. It took until the summer of 2017 to find Miles Green Farm in Bisley, Surrey. This time, tickets were made more widely available and sold publicly. ShyneFest 2 was another huge success. Sadly due to other farm commitments, Adrian and Amanda at Miles Green Farm couldn’t offer their farm the following year, so the venue search was on again.

ShyneFest Music Festival 2, Bisley.
ShyneFest 2

The location for ShyneFest 3 was at Apps Court Farm in Walton-on-Thames andagain was a massive success with the amazing Counterfeit Stones as our headliners. Apps Court promises to be somewhere we can grow into over the coming years as a permanent home. The site covers a huge 82 acres, so whilst not quite Glastonbury, all being well the future of ShyneFest is secured.

ShyneFest Music Festival 3, Walton-on-Thames
ShyneFest 3

As a team, Shyne, Kevin and Ciaron would like to thank everyone who has helped and supported ShyneFest on our exciting journey and we hope to be a regular local music festival for many years to come.

The ShyneFest Music Festival team: Kevin, Shyne and Ciaron
The ShyneFest team: Kevin, Shyne and Ciaron